Joel Mena

North Miami Beach FL 33160

Employment Interests

  • Interested in Fulltime.
  • Willing to commute 15 miles.

Career Experience

  • Animator
    2 yrs.
  • Art Director
    4 yrs.
  • Creative Director - Visual
    7 yrs.
  • Illustrator
    2 yrs.
  • Photo Retoucher
    8 yrs.
  • UI/UX Designer
    8 yrs.
  • Web Designer
    8 yrs.
  • Web Production Artist
    7 yrs.

Platform Experience

  • PC (Windows) 8 yrs
  • MAC 6 yrs

Software Experience

  • Acrobat Professional
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Actionscript
    SemiProficient. willing to test.
  • After Effects
    SemiProficient. willing to test.
  • Bridge
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Cinema 4d
    SemiProficient. willing to test.
  • CSS
    Proficient. willing to test.
  • Dreamweaver
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Excel
    Proficient. not willing to test
  • Fireworks
    Proficient. not willing to test
  • Flash
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Html Xhtml
    Proficient. willing to test.
  • Illustrator
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Indesign
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Jquery
    Proficient. not willing to test
  • Keynote
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Photoshop
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Powerpoint
    Advanced. not willing to test
  • Swift 3d
    Proficient. willing to test.
  • Word
    Advanced. willing to test.
  • Wordpress
    Proficient. willing to test.
    Proficient. willing to test.

Project Experience

  • 3D Animation
    1-5 pieces. Produced high detail graphics and animations for clients in the travel sector
  • 3D Illustration
    1-5 pieces. produced 3d graphics for internal and client work
  • Banner Ads - Web
    1-5 pieces. Produced Promotional E-tabs banners, and promotional material while working on the launch of AOL video
  • Brochures - Full Size
    1-5 pieces. designed brochures for clients in the Interior design industry
  • Brochures - Other
    1-5 pieces. designed brochures and booklets for clients in the retail,manufacturing, and corporate sectors
  • Catalogs
    1-5 pieces. designed catalog for various clients
  • Charts and Graphs
    11+ pieces. have designer a number of informational graphs and charts for clients meetings and presentations.
  • Corporate Id Campaign
    11+ pieces. I have been responsibible for various Corporate ID campaigns,
  • Direct Mail
    1-5 pieces. I have designed direct mailing material for various clients and as a follow up to conferences I've been involved in
  • Email Campaigns
    1-5 pieces. Responsible for concept design and development of email campaign for clients in the travel sector
  • Exhibit Display
    1-5 pieces. I have been responsible for the overall design and implementation of Exibit displays for various projects, most recently for Adtech 2009 in San Francisco
  • Flash Animations
    1-5 pieces. designed and developed rich media banner ads for a wide rage of clients.
  • Icons
    1-5 pieces. design a wide range of icons for mobile and desktop grafic user interfaces
  • Illustrations - Hand Drawn
    1-5 pieces. Over the past 12 years I've been involved in
  • Logo Design
    11+ pieces. I have designed a logos and identity manuals for clients accros many different sectors.
  • Magazine Ads
    11+ pieces. I have designed magazine ads for clients in the fashion, entertainment and interior design fields.
  • Maps/Site/Floor Plans
    6-10 pieces. I have assisted interior designers in creating before and after floor plans and designs.
  • Mobile Apps
    1-5 pieces. Responsible for the concept design and UI functionality for mobile friendly sites in the travel sector.
  • Outdoor ads
    1-5 pieces. I have designer billboards and outdoor ads for clients in the travel and retail industries
  • Photo Retouching
    11+ pieces. I have done numerous photo retouching projects for clients in the fashion, retail, online dating and corporate sectors.
  • Photography
    11+ pieces. I have been responsible for various photo shoots for catalogs and brochures for clients in the retail industry
  • Posters
    6-10 pieces. I have designed and posters for clients in the retail and fashion industry
  • Social Media
    1-5 pieces. responsible for the concept design and art direction for facebook tabs and custom branding of social media channels.
  • Web Sites
    6-10 pieces. Responsible for the concept design and development for various high profile websites in the broadcast promotion and travel industries

Industry Experience

  • Advertising Agency
    5 yrs. Worked and colaborated on various projects with advertising agencies
  • Corporate (in-house) Marketing
    5 yrs. Developed hi-end web solutions for clients in the corporate sector
  • Entertainment
    4 yrs. I have developed portfolio sites for writers and producers.
  • Hi Tech
    1 yrs. Played a major role in the launch AOL video in 2006
  • Hospitality/Food Service
    2 yrs. Responsible for the concept design and development of web/mobile initiatives for clients in the hospitality and food services including NikkiBeach,St Regis Hotels,SolMeila Hotels, and Toronto Escapes to name a few.
  • Other
    6 yrs. over the past 8 yrs I've specialized in providing Web, Print and Multimedia solutions for top level clients in various sectors.
  • Real Estate
    3 yrs. Worked with various brokers and realestate agents to create branding and web initiatives to the south florida market.
  • Travel and Tourism
    2 yrs. Responsible for the concept design, art direction and development of various email/web/mobile initiatives for some of the leading travel and tourismbrands including Aeromexico, Aston Hotels and Resorts, South African Airways to name a few.