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Our recruiters and account managers draw from a variety of resources – proactive networking, job boards, social media, and our extensive professional database – to market your opportunity and attract the best available talent for your freelance and fulltime opportunities.

Clutter Free

Clients don’t want hundreds of under-qualified candidates; they just want the right candidate. Only applicants that demonstrate that they are truly qualified are submitted for client consideration.


Applicants are screened and vetted by experienced industry recruiters to pre-qualify each applicant’s skills and job experience. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the right fit. We cast our nets far and wide, communicating with thousands of interested professionals, active and passive seekers alike.

"Qualified Creatives respects their clients. They only recommend individuals that are a right fit for the task at hand."

B Straka, Jarden Consumer Solutions

Full Talent Profiles

"A picture is worth a thousand words".
When it comes to evaluating creative talent, we agree. Review applicants' prior projects, roles and results.

Portfolio Details

Unlike traditional job board applicants, our system allows candidates to promote visual samples; enabling you to assess design styles and skills before making a hiring decision.

Skills and Experience

Quickly compare applicants uniformly based on customizable metrics; such as Project history, Industry experience or Software proficiency.