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Qualified Creatives is a full service creative staffing and recruiting agency representing advertising, marketing, creative, and related professionals for freelance and full-time opportunities in South Florida. Qualified Creatives understands our clients’ needs for reliable and cost effective access to top-notch creative professionals. Our client consultation and talent pre-qualification processes ensure that we consistently deliver the right talent…right when you need it!

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We like to showcase top creative talent represented by Qualified Creatives.


Talented artist with a passion for design, typography, photography, arts, music, and creativity.

Creative Clients

Some of our clients can be found on the Fortune 500 list. But we're not quite there (yet?). We're smaller and nimble, we're agile and flexible. We'll work seamlessly with your team, enhancing your recruiting processes with our home-grown creative awesome sauce.

"Qualified Creatives understood our hiring needs and was able to deliver great candidates with full comprehensive profiles for us to review... we made a hire within a week. We were very pleased with Qualified Creatives approach to creative staffing and will use their services the next time we need to hire a specialized creative talent."


Btw, I absolutely LOVE this new system. It's great!!!


Not only do they understand our hiring needs, but they've developed a platform that enables us to quickly source high caliber talent. Qualified Creatives helps to cut through the clutter allowing our department to run more efficiently. Thanks Qualified Creatives!