Raelene Mercer

Miami Beach FL 33140

Employment Interests

Career Experience

  • Art Director
    6 yrs.
  • Creative Director - Visual
    5 yrs.
  • Graphic Designer - Print
    6 yrs.
  • Photo Retoucher
    6 yrs.
  • Production Manager
    5 yrs.
  • Web Designer
    6 yrs.
  • Web Production Artist
    6 yrs.

Platform Experience

  • MAC 6 yrs

Project Experience

  • Banner Ads - Web
    6-10 pieces. The Lifeline Program, Salloum
  • Brochures - Full Size
    11+ pieces. Numerous, this is my specialty
  • Brochures - Other
    11+ pieces. Numerous, this is my specialty
  • Catalogs
    1-5 pieces. Clothing designer, Mercedes
  • Charts and Graphs
    1-5 pieces.
  • Corporate Id Campaign
    11+ pieces. Numerous, this is my specialty
  • Direct Mail
    11+ pieces.
  • Environmental Signage
    11+ pieces.
  • Exhibit Display
    11+ pieces.
  • Logo Design
    11+ pieces. Numerous, this is my specialty
  • Magazine Ads
    11+ pieces.
  • On-Air Graphics
    1-5 pieces.
  • Outdoor ads
    1-5 pieces.
  • Packaging
    6-10 pieces.
  • Photo Retouching
    11+ pieces. Numerous, but i usually hire out clipping paths
  • Photography
    11+ pieces.
  • Point of Sale/Purchase
    1-5 pieces. Bacardi
  • Posters
    1-5 pieces.
  • TV Art Direction
    1-5 pieces. The Lifeline Program, i Art Directed Betty White

Industry Experience

  • Advertising Agency
    6 yrs. Worked at two different mktg firms: Planet Propaganda and Pinkhaus Design
  • Corporate (in-house) Marketing
    2 yrs. A client of mine needed help with their inhouse marketing identity systems, which i created for them
  • Automotive
    3 yrs. At Pinkhaus Design I designed catalogs for Mercedes. Also, one of my recent clients is an automotive sales dealer
  • Banking
    6 yrs. At Pinkhaus, I designed entire identity system of Sterling Commerce, and A current client is in finanical re-insurance industry
  • Education
    1 yrs. For a design firm, i designed for a prestigious girl's school
  • Healthcare
    4 yrs. A current client is in finanical re-insurance industry, Another client is a plastic surgeon. Additionally, for several design firms, i've designed ads, brochures for healthcare related industries
  • Hi Tech
    5 yrs. At Pinkhaus I designed entire identity system for Sterling Commerce
  • Hospitality/Food Service
    4 yrs. A client of mine frequently uses my skills for identity, packaging, video work, ads
  • Other
    4 yrs. I've had clothing designers for clients, photographers for clients, i've designed wedding invitations and miscellaneous announcements for high-end companies
  • Real Estate
    5 yrs. Brochures/ads/identity systems/photography for various real estate opportunities
  • Travel and Tourism
    5 yrs. Brochures/ads/identity systems/art directing photographers