QC Professional Reference
Professional Reference: Creative Director, Worldmedia Interactive    6/3/2013 2:57:16 PM
When did Carlos work with you and for how long?
From 2010-1012
Was this freelance or a fulltime relationship? What was Carlos 's position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?
Full time
Did Carlos miss a lot of work? Was Carlos frequently late? Were there any issues you are aware of that impacted Carlos 's job performance?
I found Carlos to be a reliable employee.
Did Carlos get along well with management and co-workers?
How did Carlos handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress?
I found that Carlos was a mature, professional and well composed individual.
Can you speak to Carlos 's software capabilities?
He is fluent in HTML/CSS and very knowledgable with Adobe CS suite.
Would you work with Carlos again if the opportunity arose?