QC Professional Reference
Professional Reference: Sr Account Executive, Matrix2 Advertising    4/6/2011 1:04:00 PM
When did Jorge work with you and for how long?
Jorge and I have worked together for 15 years. He was a creative director and I was an account executive at the same advertising agency for several years. In the past 5 years, Jorge has provided creative and production services for my own agency.
Was this freelance or a fulltime relationship? What was Jorge's position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?
Jorge has worked for my company on a freelance basis and has provided a myriad of services in the creative as well as the production departments. In addition to providing creative services, he has assisted very much in the initial direction and thought process of the branding direction.
Did Jorge miss a lot of work? Was Jorge frequently late? Were there any issues you are aware of that impacted Jorge's job performance?
Jorge was not late on any projects. On the contrary, Jorge has always done above and beyond the call of duty for me. For example, if I've asked him to do a direct mail layout, he would do what I requested and then provide additional options; allowing me to better service my clients and provide other directions and options from which to select.
Did Jorge get along well with management and co-workers?
Yes, very much so. Jorge is a team player with a "do-whatever-it-takes" attitude.
How did Jorge handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress?
Jorge has pulled all-nighters for me when I need him to and he's always met his deadlines. He knows how to take the pressure in, focus, and perform his tasks as requested.
Can you speak to Jorge's software capabilities?
Jorge is very knowledgeable in all of the areas necessary for a creative director to perform their duties. I am not familiar with all of the software necessary, but I've never had a problem with Jorge understanding them.
Would you work with Jorge again if the opportunity arose?
Absolutely. I currently work with Jorge in a freelance, as-needed basis and would not hesitate to call him when another opportunity arises.