QC Professional Reference
Professional Reference: Lead UX Designer, Citrix    7/8/2011 7:58:05 AM
When did Lucia work with you and for how long?
I work with Lucia since 2009 in many projects.
Was this freelance or a fulltime relationship? What was Lucia's position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?
It's a freelancer relationship. Lucia complements our team being responsible for branding and design of the projects.
Did Lucia miss a lot of work? Was Lucia frequently late? Were there any issues you are aware of that impacted Lucia's job performance?
She NEVER missed a deadline.
Did Lucia get along well with management and co-workers?
Everyone likes working with Lucia, she brings a positive energy to the team.
How did Lucia handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress?
She's not the type of person that gets involved in conflicts. Whenever there's one, she handles it very professionally.
Can you speak to Lucia's software capabilities?
I know she masters of Illustrator, Indesign. She's very knowledgeable about colors and typography.
Would you work with Lucia again if the opportunity arose?
She's always my top priority for design work. I always like to to work with Lucia because I know things will be alright and clients always love her work.