QC Professional Reference
Professional Reference: Creative Director, JM Studios    5/30/2013 9:40:43 PM
When did Carlos work with you and for how long?
I worked with Carlos Sepulveda from Feb 2011 to Aug 2012.
Was this freelance or a fulltime relationship? What was Carlos 's position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?
This was a full time position, in his role as an art director he was responsible for creating various online marketing campaigns for some of the leading Travel brands. In addition to concept development, design and implementation, Carlos as one of the leading designers on the Aeromexico account where he worked closely with client services and the eCRM team.
Did Carlos miss a lot of work? Was Carlos frequently late? Were there any issues you are aware of that impacted Carlos 's job performance?
Carlos was always very punctual and reliable.
Did Carlos get along well with management and co-workers?
Yes, He was very easy to work with and got along well management and peers alike.
How did Carlos handle conflict? How about pressure? Stress?
Given the nature of the accounts Carlos worked on there were often many last minute request tight deadlines, all of which he handled with great professionalism and dedication. He was able to successfully handle conflicts and complete the task at hand.. even if that meant working late hours.
Can you speak to Carlos 's software capabilities?
Carlos skills as an Art director extended beyond his job description, in addition to mastering software related to web design (illustrator, Photoshop, flash, inDesign, etc) Carlos is also very proficient with video and audio editing and was often sought out to work on post production projects.
Would you work with Carlos again if the opportunity arose?
I would gladly work with Carlos in future projects.